Welcome to Credit & Data Bureau

Credit & Data Bureau Limited is a Papua New Guinea company established by a number of leading financial institutions and associated groups. We supply our members with information that allows them to make informed credit and business decisions. We collect this information from our members and also public records.

We then make this information available to our members through a sophisticated but user friendly software system accessed through the internet.

Our principal business is the operation of a Credit Bureau database where members can access the credit history and identify details of their customers. The Credit Bureau also assists members with debt collection when defaulting debtors are listed on the Credit Bureau database.

Our membership includes most of the Banks and other lending Institutions in Papua New Guinea, public utilities and other credit providers from a broad cross section of the business community ( see our current membership list on the About Us page).

To become a member of the Bureau simply contact us by telephone or email to discuss your needs. You will then be given a password and online access to Papua New Guinea’s only Credit Bureau.